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Personalized Medicine Diagnostics Laboratory (PMCDx) employs state of art technologies to deliver advanced clinical genomic diagnostic testings. Our clinical laboratory is accredited by CLIA, CAP, COMAR and COLA for performing high complexity tests.

PMC diagnostics is now offering Mobile Phlebotomy &Collection Services

Antibiotic Resistance Detection Molecular Panel

Wound and Nail
Infectious Diseases Panel

PMCDx Testing Lab


Whole Genome Sequencing &Liquid Biopsy Profiling

Everyone Responds to
Medications Differently

PMCDx Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Test Panels informs physicians of treatments based on genetics. Patients can receive tailored medication therapy based on PGx testing results. Depending on the genetic profile, some medications may act faster or slower, or produce more or less side effects in each patient.

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