Real-time PCR testing on COVID-19.

 Same Day, RT-PCR test  

Molecular RT-PCR Testing For COVID-19

 PMCDx is a licensed medical laboratory and is listed at The Maryland Department of Health as a Covid-19 testing center. The test results will be carefully reviewed and signed by an American Board Certified laboratory director in high complexity facility. We use EUA diagnostic test kit for COVID-19.

* If you are booking appointments for multiple individuals, you will need to book each person separately. 

** All sales are final and cannot be rescheduled.

***Patient Consent Terms can be viewed HERE

PMCDx offers COVID-19 testing services for individuals with time-sensitive testing needs. This can be especially helpful for travelers, individuals with upcoming surgery or hospital admission school or employee screening programs and all others, who require proof of a negative COVID-19 test result. Please be sure to check the policies of the location you are visiting for the latest COVID-19 regulations.

What happens after I book my appointment?

  1. You will receive an email confirmation with your appointment time, date, form and instructions.
  2. You must fill out the form for each individual and submit prior to your appointment. Once you complete the form, we will automatically receive a copy.
  3. You must bring an official ID with you for verification purposes.
  4. We do NOT have a WALK-IN clinical facility, and NO ONE is allowed to come inside the building. When you arrive, you MUST stay in your vehicle and inform us about your arrival by sending a text message at (202)-802-8877. Please make sure that your mask is on correctly.
  5. Once we receive your message, an employee will come to you and assist you.
  6. After submission of your self-collected FDA approved nasal test kit, we will email your results via HIPAA compliant interface.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Does someone at the laboratory speak Spanish?
    Yes. Please email your questions to info@pmcdx.com and we will get back to you. Give us a call at (202)802-8877.
  2. Is the laboratory and tests by PMCDx are accepted by airlines, hospitals, surgery centers, schools, workplaces, and healthcare providers?
    Yes. Absolutely! PMCDx is a licensed medical laboratory and is listed at The Maryland Department of Health as a Covid-19 testing center. The test results will be carefully reviewed and signed by an American Board-Certified laboratory director in high complexity facility. We use EUA diagnosis test kit for Covid-19.
  3. When will I get my results? SAME DAY test results are guaranteed to be released on the same day from, 30-45 minutes or longer. Please note that if the results come back as inconclusive or undetermined, the laboratory feels committed to retest the sample with no additional charge to individuals. However, this may increase the turnaround time and PMCDx does not accept any responsibility that inconclusive results may cause to client's plan.
  4. I have COVID-19 related symptoms, can I come to your facility for testing?
    No. You must contact your health care provider. The provider must submit the test order for you.
  5. I am traveling with my family. Can we come together for our appointment?
    Yes. We accept group appointments as long as all family members are all in one vehicle. After making an appointment, please email us at info@pmcdx.com and inform us who are the family members. We will then confirm your group appointment for your convenience.
  6. Can I use my insurance for self-screening test purposes?
    No. The laboratory charges the individuals directly for self-screening test indications. However, we can provide you with a receipt to submit for reimbursement at your healthcare insurance.
  7. When should I get tested?
    You need to check the requirement with your travel agency, surgery facility, employer requirements, etc. PMCDx cannot make any comment on when you should get tested.
  8. After I receive my data, can PMCDx make any medical recommendations?
    No. You must seek medical advice from the health care provider. It is your responsibility to share your result with your health care provider. PMCDx does not accept any responsibility for your care management.
  9. Can children receive testing at PMCDx? Yes. Children can receive testing only in the presence of their guardians. The registration form of minors, anyone younger than 18 years-old, must be completed, signed and submitted by their guardians.  Further, results will be only released to guardians.